Alfi is a bathroom appliance company that was started by a father and a son. This company is designed to provide home owners with stylish fixtures while also providing the best functionality, durability, and cost efficient products.

Alfi’s Bathtub Selection

Alfi supplies a great number of styles and selections that will work best for your own home. Some of the most popular options they provide include:

  • Hot bath tubs for outdoors and indoors
  • Free-standing tubs

Both types of tubs are created with advanced technology and with an eco-friendly mindset.

If you purchase any Alfi product you’re guaranteed a long lasting product you will never get tired of  and a luxury that won’t eat a hole in your wallet.

Eco Friendly Materials

Whether your tub is made of white clay imported from Italy and solid stainless steel faucets from Israel you’ll have piece of mind knowing our products are only made in high standard eco friendly facilities.

Other materials include fire clay, bamboo, granite, ceramic, and more but whatever you get it will be with you for years to come with no problems.


With all of our available designs some of the most popular tubs we have are freestanding tubs. These products are easy to install, simple to use, and designed for your own comfort.

Shapes and sizes can vary depending on what you as a customer think would work best as well as the materials and the weight of the tub.

Free Gifts and More

All Alfi bathtub products include a 1 year warranty for any manufacturing errors. Any errors made during installation or lack of maintenance to these products will void the warranty.

Each tub also comes with a complimentary hanging basket for soaps, wine, and other necessities.

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