Atlantis is a bathroom appliance company whose main focus is to provide the best quality products that provide the homeowner with the right style and the right budget. They’re best known for their line of jacuzzi tubs.

Atlantis’s Massage Systems

Atlantis provides three types of hydrotherapy which provide heat, buoyancy, and massage. Every tub available to you has the option of getting either one or a mixture of all three types:

  • Soaker
  • Air bath
  • Whirlpool

Placement of the jets for these hydrotherapy types are also customized. Whether you want focus on the back or the bottom of the tub we’ll make it happen for you.

Eco Friendly Manufacturing and Design

The higher-ups at Atlantis are always looking for new and innovative ways to make production eco friendly whether that means recycling cardboard, paper, aluminum, scrap steel, wood, and acrylic or using chemicals that give off the least emissions.

The tubs available in their selection use up to 60% solid surface organic material (usually minerals mined from the earth), FSC-certified wood, and low volatile organic chemicals in the tub finish.

Atlantis’s Tub Selection

Atlantis has a couple of different lines of tubs available for different needs. Their main series of tubs include:

  • Freestanding

  • Boutique

  • Drop-in

All three of these tub series include customization options were you can change the shape, length and width, as well as the massage system.


Their market analysis team is always checking what designs are in and what designs are old fashioned. Atlantis is always adding more available styles and designs to provide the best comfort and style to anyone’s bathroom.

Not only do they conduct surveys and interviews from different groups of people but they set new standards for other companies and create their own designs that almost anyone would fall in love with.


The warranty given for each tub is going to be different. Freestanding tubs have about a 10 year warranty while drop-in and boutique tubs have about a 5 year warranty each. Along with this, warranty conditions can change depending on how well you follow installation directions.