Custom Craftworks


Based out of Oregon, Custom Craftworks started out in the mid 1980s and has grown to become the third largest manufacturer of massage tables, chairs, equipment and accessories. During this time, Custom Craftworks works to build thoughtfully constructed, long lasting products for students, therapists, and educators in massage, therapy, and holistic health field.  

Custom Craftworks Quality Designs:  

  • Innovative Design: first in the industry to create tables with breast recesses as well as on-of-a-kind prenatal tables. Everything down to the foam, thickness of wood, and upholstery are carefully considered. Even down to the very seams to make sure that they are comfortable on the client's skin. 
  • Eco-friendly production process: recycles everything it can from wood scraps to foam pieces to office supplies. These materials are transformed into useful products such as particle board, carpet padding, and fresh reams of paper.  The wood on the table are sustainable yield and minimizes the environmental footprint. 
  • American Made: locally produced. All employees are dedicated to the highest quality of workmanship, innovation, and longevity. 

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