Master Massage

A leader in professional quality massage tables since 1976, Master massage curated a selection of rigorously tested stationary massage tables, portable massage tables, spa tables, massage chairs, and all the accessories you need to make you massage and spa room complete. Master Massage is dedicated to enhancing your massage experience and room with the finest products. 

Portable Massage Tables

Master Massage has a wide selection of portable massage tables that are light enough to move while designed to support weight of up to 1,700 lbs. Each table is made with high quality foam and made to be a sturdy long lasting table that is perfect for your massage practice on the go. 

Therma-Top Massage Table:

Therma Top is a option for many of Master Massage tables. The Therma Top is a built-In adjustable heating system adds penetrating warmth to every massage—improving circulation, bolstering vitality, soothing away fatigue and relieving tension. Therma-Top provides the client with a pleasing warmth and is Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) Safe.

Electric Massage Table: 

Electric table has an electric lift actuator which provides easy height adjustments with the foot pedal. The electric massage table is fully articulating electric salon top with rounded corners